The archives collects, saves, elaborates and serves documents that witness the history of the bektashi in Albania and in the world. The documents kept in archives are those created by the central and local bektashi institutions and the bektashi personalities and personalities from other fields of society. The support of the materials, the technique of the development and the language used, are different and represent considerably the features of the stage and the social development of the time when they are created. Most of the documents are in hard copy written in Albanian language but there are documents of other media, as photography, videotapes, voice tapes, disks, microfilms. It is a characteristic the existence of the many documents in foreign language: Arabic, Ottoman, English, French, Serbian, Croatian, Italian etc. The collaboration with the Central State Archives, the local archives and other institutions is not missing for the collection of the documents belonging to the period until the year 1967. Today in archives it is worked intensively for the systematization of the material on scientific base and executing correctly the organizative structure of the World Seat. The work started is still on its first steps, but the final purpose is to make possible its use on a near future, as a new window in the historical context of the bektashi tarikat.