The Bektashee

The Bektashee is a mystical Islamic path dealing with the perfection of man. It is the path that leads the follower and sends him to the desired objective, in nearness to God. It is that unique mystical line that detaches the follower from all the enjoyments of this world and endows him with the love of God. The root of the Bektashee order (tariqat), in Albania is dated from more than eight centuries, when the missionary Sar Salltik came to Kruja Mountain and set marks of his act in the whole territory of Albania and Ballkan. The Bektashee admires and respects all the Islam commandments and activities. The Qoran and the word of the Prophet Mohammad (a.s.) are its basis, and it does adore The Greatest God and invokes to Him, knowing Him as the Almighty Power, the Creator of everything. It admires the Prophet Mohammed as the worldly illuminant of the Islamic light and its conductor. The Bektashee tariqat has played an important role in spreading the Islamic religion in Anadoll and Balkan. It respects the 12 Imams especially the Greatest Ali and the prophetic family, Ehli-Bejt. It does endow the whole world for the first time with the mystical knowledge and light, as it was called by all the Islamic mystics as “Shahi Evlija”, “the King of the Saints”. The purpose is the education of man and the love toward him, which is realized by passing through four doors: Sheriat (the law of the Faith), Tariqat (the mystical path), hakikat (the spiritual reality) and marifet (the deep knowledge).

Except the general Islamic fasting, the Bektashee inherits also the commemorative fasting of Matem, which is the mourn of  Karbala. It does commemorate during those days all the prophets, the martyrs of Karbala led by the great Husayn, who were martyred in the battle of honour being thirsty and burned for a drop of water. This is not done only by Bektashians, but also the whole Islamic world, the mystical paths that appreciate and commemorate this sacrifice for the honor of the martyrs of Karbala, do not drink water for ten consecutive days.

The Bektashee celebrate the birthday of the Greatest Ali, “Sultan Nowruz”. The Bektashian ceremonies are all hold in front of the public except the ceremonies of the deliveries and except special prayers, in which only the spiritual members meaning myhibs can participate. This is a general rule of mysticism, which does reserves its details from those that do not have the religious maturity and does not consider them capable to understand the details. The word mysticism itself proves it.

 The Qoran Sura Fatiha

The Twelve Imams:

Imam Ali.


The Family of Ehli- Bejt


O people! Indeed I am leaving my last will in your midst two precious things: The Book of Lord and My Ehli-Bejt. You will never deviate from the right path for as long as you will be tight with those two, and seek help from them. Indeed those two will never be a part of one-another, until they will come close to me in the oases of Keuther.

I am the city of Knowledge, Ali is its gate.

The Prophet Mohammad (a.s.)

God is the Greatest, that God, Who fulfilled for us His faith, and fulfilled for us His prosperity, and Who is glad and happy with My mission and the custody of Ali after myself.

The Prophet Mohammad (a.s.)

The love for the Fatherland comes from the Faith.

The Prophet Mohammad (a.s.)

O man! You are born free from your mother and father. Do not be slave of anyone!
O Muak'kal, remain always under the orders of Allah! Do not act outlaw with Muslims and do not be unjust with the non-Muslims who are under our trust! Do not be arrogant, because Allah does not love them!
Keep your word when you talk, be just when you judge and do not be proud with your parents.
Whosoever lead astray from the Justice, was devastated.
 When you see the evil, go away from it.
The greed is the eternal slavery.
Pull out evil from the chest of the others, by pulling it out from your own chest.

Imam Ali ”The peak of the words"( Nehxhul -Belaga)