The library of the Bektashi Seat starts its history with the self-functioning of the Bektashi  Kryefaltores, on September 7th, 2015.
The environment of the library comprises the reading hall with opened funds and the archive. The hall with open funds serves to the readers, researchers, clerics etc. Every reader can in this hall consult directly with the literature available. This hall offers to the reader the possibility of accommodation in a welcoming and communicating working environment.  The archive serves to preserve the rare exemplar and ensuring the unique copy for each title. The fund of the books is structured mathematically.
The corner of the Islam religion and the Bektashi, is made of actual and retrospective works of the Albanian and foreigner researchers. This corner includes also Qurans in Albanian and foreign language, philosophical and doctrine literature, mystics and rituals, monographs for the prophets and religious personalities etc. 
The books with historical themes on the diffusion of the bektashi in Albania, the patriotic, cultural and educational works of the bektashi believers and the biographies and monographic works on the personalities of the culture, science, social life etc,  - find an important place. The books for the Albanian language and literature, translations of the world literature and encyclopedic works, are also part of this library. The yearly bektashi calendars are a special contingent of the funds of library, through which are conveyed information with historical, cultural data, important dates and events for the bektashi tarikat. The periodical editions as its worthy to mention the magazines as "The Wisdom", "The Pearl", "The Light of Qoran ", "The High Voice ", etc and the magazines in Turkish language as "Hajji Bektash Veli" are also paert of this library.
An important part of the fund are also the illustrated albums with reach themes from the history, the activity of the important figures of the bektashi clerics, and with themes and content from the art and culture.
A special environment is reserved to the literature for the kids with literary editions of the Albanian and foreign autors, -  making it a part of the variety of the literature of this library.

Misticizma Islame dhe Bektashizma

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