On September 2015 was made possible to be created near the ODEON-the Cultural and Religious Center, the Phototeca of the Bektashi World Seat, along with the Library, Museum, Archives and Phonoteca. The Bektashi Headquarter inherits a rich photos collection, which were unknown for the public til today. It is not yet done an inventory in order to be known the times they reflect and their amount. It is noted during the work for their collection that they represent the  Bektashi Headquarter’s activities of different fields, the life of bektashi community, the history, the religious rites, the war for education, the culture, the patriotism of the bektashi clerics, the interreligious and inter-institutional relations, relations between other countries, the contribution for the Peace etc. The fund of the Phototeca will soon be under elaboration and the technical-scientific elaboration of the administrative documents, based on a classification scheme in accordance to the need of representing the activity of the Bektashi Headquarter.